My review of the 3rd party -Q Changer Android app. Download link: (as TQChanger) Also go to http:/// for more! I decided to accidentally forget to use an intro & outro as I might not use my laptop much anymore for uploading videos; they should now be starting to be filmed using my Galaxy […]

My review of the limited edition SH Figuarts Masked Rider Fourze Stealth States figure based off of the mold of Masked Rider Fourze’s Base States

Today, I felt like doing the Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger review that I have been holding off for a while because I don’t know when else to do it thanks to the last episode of Power Rangers Super Megaforce featuring my favorite Power Ranger EVER in the US or Japan (who is also featured here). No […]

My review of the 3rd party Legendary Morpher Android app. Download link: (as Mobirates) Also go to for more!

My review of the Universe Of Hope starter deck cards.  I also play the Power Rangers Action Card Game with one of my classmates from college

an update to the 3rd-party Sengoku Driver Android app. Download link:

This is my first time trying to use WeVideo so I don’t quite know what to expect with it; I decided to try to use it because of some tips that I got in a video made by AnthonyCustoms.  Other than the fact that I’m new to the program & my acting because I kind […]

…is cancelled because of plans for more reviews at the time being

The first episode of the TV show that became Power Rangers…& you guys get to review it!  I do not own Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger; Toei owns it.  I am not trying to make money off of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger; I am only sharing this for entertainment

I decided to try & revive Retsuden Weekend (Only In Length) but for one day only!  This is the only thing for the event that I plan for the audience to review.  I do not own “Ultraman Retsuden;” Tusuburaya Productions owns “Ultraman Retsuden.”  I am not trying to make money off of this video; I […]


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